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Radiohead – Lotus Flower

This is Art, with a big capital A.

Far from the noise of the trends, marketing, education and others brainwashing things… We have here a man, who gets naked in front of us, showing us his feelings and how the music can have the power of moving his whole body. We all have this in us, this is why we dance when we are alone or we sing under the shower. Doing it like this, in public and being such a public figure as Thom York is just beautiful. There must be so much pressure from the society when you are an artist like that and seeing that whatever we say, whoever we are, this Man stays free in his mind and in his behavior. No shades, no layers, no effects; pure intensity and beauty of the Artist getting naked. To me, being an Artist is exactly that : digging into your soul till you find really who you are yourself, what is really inside of you. Whatever you could do, you know this thing is in you, you got it. Finally you can accept it, explore it and show it to the world.

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  1. dron3 on Wednesday 30, 2011

    :) …Be sure to check out my remix of this amazing tune here:

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