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India : Oxelo Skateboards

Magic Skateboard video in beautiful INDIA…

Discover here an amazing trip to India with skaters, children and beautiful landscape.. Not just your typical skateboard video but something with beauty that tastes like indian spicies…

Directed by : Studio Ores et Guilhem Machenaud.
Music by :

Beach House – Silver Soul

Let’s go slow…

Beach House reinvent here the slow of the 21th century in  way. The music is just so beautiful and the guitar takes you to another level where everything goes in slowmotion.

Well the video is in slowmotion itself.. Directed by Victoria Legrand who’s actually the lead singer of Beach House so I guess the loop is done. Great job! With  beach wedding dresses in big beach house, think, it is a very nice thing.  with the bride and mates, friends witness your happiness.

SHIFT v2 by Mirari


This is ART gosh! Watch this immediately!

Aspirins – Cutter

I want more colors!

If you’re sick with this world which keep losing its colors everyday, then this video might help you get your color dose for the next days ;) I was actually waiting for Aspirins to release some videos, it’s been quiet more than a year that I was enjoying their music without seeing anything to push them..

Directed by Mr. Harrison.

Battles – Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo)

Another amazing video by CANADA!

Remember CANADA? The great team from Barcelona who directed “Bombay” by El Guincho et “Invisible Light” by Scissor Sister. They did it again, a new video inspired by dreams and completely out of the loop.. Very interesting content, and new effects.. We can notice the improvements but I think they need to find something new now. It’s very good in a way because their style is quickly recognizable which is not easy in this artistic domain but they should try to go further  or mix it with other directions..

Battles (Warp Records), released this new track from their forthcoming album “Gloss Drop” to be released June 6/7. I really like their energy, go see them in live if you can, and this track is another example of it… Enjoy!

Lykke Li – Sadness is a Blessing

Amazingly beautiful and inspiring…

Here is the new video for the track “Sadness is a Blessing” by Lykke Li. This video is really full of emotions. I like the way they tried to show the gap between the two words of being “normal” and being “free”.

Not that alcohol can make you free but at least, can help going through the social boundaries. It shows as well the paradox of the artist : making life beautiful, making other people’s life interesting by giving them some emotions and at the same time being pulled appart for not being a brick in the wall.

Ty Evans – The Twins

A new Ty Evans skate video with the twins, 12 yo genius!

Ty Evans, so famous for being one of the best skate video director nowadays has just made this new video featuring The Twins.

They are 12 years old and they’re gonna depress you if you’re trying to learn how to skateboard.. Can’t wait to see what they will be doing in a few years!

F5 – Opening Titles

Awesome BUCK production!

A very nice opening title made for the F5, an event in New York which gathers creative influencers in media to inspire people during 2 days.

BUCK directed here again a very good quality video full of creativity and inspiration! :)

Wise Blood – B.I.G. E.G.O.

Interesting track, perfect to go the beach..

I can really see myself grabbing a surfboard with friends and listening to this on our way to the beach.. Though, the director David Parker had another idea for the video… Featuring a beautiful model, Daphne Guinness, wandering around to finally discover what happened outside..

Soul Clap f/ Charles Levine- Lonely C

Pure beauty in Korea!

This is smooth, this is flowing.. This is “Lonely C’ by Soul Clap on their latest project: WolfLamb vs. Soul Clap

To be honest, first time I listened to it I didn’t really get it but after the second try I got completely seduced and addicted after the third time, this is a really great production.

A video by Nils Clauss & Neil Dowling and produced by CONTENTed Films.

Woodkid – Iron

Breathtaking video! Amazing! WOOT! Been a long I haven’t been that amazed watching a music video… Like if I  was a child again, completely caught and hypnotized by the beauty of this majestic video… Listening to the EP “Iron” now, don’t expect to have such a majesty on the other tracks but stil very interesting [...]

Stantz – Moment Without Interval (Video by Silence Please)

DJ with fluid mechanic visualisations… Here is what we woud maybe have if a DJ would be able to bend fluids like a jedi according to its music… An interesting effect with a great render by Silence Please. It’s on a track by Stantz, who has produced a pretty neat electronic track here which goes [...]

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck

Discover Jamie Woon.. Here is Jamie Woon, a soul voice on electronic production coming from England. An interesting mix of genres. A video directed by The SRK.

tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

Finally the video for one of the most amazing band  to watch nowadays! tUnE-yArDs entered in my watch list at the first second I’ve listened to their music. They are brilliantly creative, come from Oakland (California) and released already a (great) album in 2009: Bird-Brains. This new track “Bizness” really brings something magic, and when you add [...]

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«Billion Dollar Acheteur» fait un pacte avec LI cabinet de sac à main

Une entreprise Long Island qui a commencé en vendant des sacs en cuir faits à la main louboutin pas cher en ligne a décroché un contrat majeur, grâce à la nouvelle émission CNBC "Billion Dollar Lors de votre achat."

Joe et Jean Marcellino, mari et femme et co-propriétaires de base-Halesite Marcellino New York, ont signé l'accord avec le milliardaire Tilman J. Fertitta, animateur de l'émission, dans un épisode qui a été diffusé la semaine dernière.

Fertitta est le propriétaire et directeur général de Landry l'Inc., qui supervise plus de 500 propriétés, dont Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The Steakhouse, McCormick & amp Morton; Schmick, et cinq hôtels Golden Nugget. Sur le spectacle, il passe du temps avec les propriétaires de longchamp pas cher petites entreprises, des échantillons de leurs produits, partage son expertise et décide de passer une commande.

Dans le cadre de la transaction, Fertitta achètera 700 sacs à main fabriqués en usine pour 200 $ chacun, pour un total de 140.000 $, de nouveau sac à main Aleia collection Marcellino, ainsi que quelques serviettes nike tn pas cher à la main Marcellino New York. Les sacs seront disponibles Style & amp; Tendance boutique magasins dans les hôtels Golden Nugget à Atlantic City, Las Vegas et Lake Charles, en Louisiane.

Joe Marcellino a conçu la collection Aleia, du nom de sa fille de 10 ans. La ligne, qui sera produit par un fabricant Manhattan, au prix de 495 $ à 699 $ pour bacs, sacs à bandoulière, lancel pas cher sacs croix-corps et mini porte-documents.

"Il est étonnant parce que cela nous confirme dans l'industrie de la mode", a déclaré Jean Marcellino de la transaction. "Non seulement comme une activité en ligne, mais il nous faut au niveau suivant pour nous sortir du sous-sol, de l'ordinateur, dans les magasins."

Joe Marcellino a lancé un site Web en 2009 avec l'aide de Jean, un créateur de mode, de vendre à la main porte-documents pour hommes fabriqués avec du cuir de tannage végétal. Chaque sac prend un à sept jours pour produire, et les prix varient de 1000 $ à 15 000 $.

Dans une tentative de faire croître l'entreprise, il a ouvert un magasin dans le village de Huntington en 2013. Les clients qui ont marché dans le magasin n'a pas pu acheter les échantillons sur l'écran; tout devait être personnalisée ordonnée.

"Le magasin seulement sur mesure n'a pas fonctionné, alors je l'ai pris encore et réorganisé l'entreprise canada goose pas cher de se concentrer sur la recherche de magasins physiques et des boutiques pour vendre le nouveau [usine fait] collections de sacs à main», a déclaré louboutin pas cher Jean Marcellino. Joe Marcellino fait encore porte-documents à la main qu'il vend en ligne.

Comme l'entreprise continue de croître, le couple a l'intention d'embaucher plus de gens. «Nous prévoyons l'embauche d'un personnel de vente afin que nous puissions obtenir nos nouveaux sacs à main dans les points de vente à travers le monde», a déclaré Joe Marcellino.